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The Department of Transportation published Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual in 2006, which is titled "Traffic Safety Measure & Signs for Roadworks & Temporary Situations."

All vehicles stopping on high-speed roads for maintenance or inspection purposes must have high visibility rear markings. High visibility rear markings should include one of the following:

A) Chevron markings made up of alternate stripes of fluorescent orange-red retro reflective material and fluorescent yellow non-retro reflective material, each at least 150mm wide, angled upward at 45–60°.

B) A monolithic block of retroreflective fluorescent orange-red material.

The markings mentioned should cover as much of the vehicle's rear without blocking windows, the vehicle's lighting, or the licence plate.

Vehicles used for work must have a rear-view display to identify them.

Highway Maintenance 

Reflective stripes must be installed on the sides and rear edges of vehicles in certain situations as well.

Who might be obligated to follow Chapter 8?

As previously mentioned, on high-speed roads, all vehicles stopping on the road for maintenance or inspections must adhere to Chapter 8. To find out if your particular vehicles and works are covered, kindly get in touch with us. We will offer a free compliance consultation.

Vehicles like the ones listed below may need to abide by the rules:

  • Agencies for highways.
  • Council works.
  • Motorway maintenance Service vehicles.
  • Ambulance service and emergency vehicles.
  • Utility and energy companies.
  • Breakdown and recovery vehicles.
  • Couriers.

There are many valid arguments for including compliant markings in your vehicle design even if the use of the vehicle in question does not necessitate their requirement.

Why follow Chapter 8 requirements?

  • Helps increase vehicle visibility.
  • Your staff and other people will be protected from harm and fatalities.
  • Reduces accident downtime and repair costs.
  • It gives a professional, responsible and proactive safety image.
  • It projects an image of professionalism, accountability, and readiness for safety.
  • Reduces the risk of lawsuits and liabilities arising from third party safety.
  • It gets your branding and advertising on your vehicles noticed.

If you would like a free compliance consultation to determine whether your specific vehicles and works are covered, kindly get in touch with us.

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